Board of Education Resources
 Resource  Description
Board member code of ethicsThe statutory Code of Ethics by which all board members must abide. The Code helps to describe the scope and responsibility of the Board of Education
Who does what in school governanceA primer on the distinct functions of school boards, board members and superintendents
 How to become a school board memberOverview of process, requirements and expectations of getting elected as a school board member
 NJ Open Public Meetings ActDescribes the law that ensures that the Board of Education conducts its business in public except in specific circumstances where exclusions apply
 FAQs regarding collective bargainingThis  FAQ describes the collective bargaining process in public schools throughout New Jersey
 Fact Finding and BeyondThis document provides a comprehensive outline of the Fact Finding process
2016-17 PRELIMINARY Budget FAQs  A list of frequently asked questions and answers related to the 2016-17 preliminary budget.
Keeping an Eye on District FinancesResources presented by the NJ School Boards Association that outline the roles, responsibilities, challenges and opportunities school boards face when developing a school district operating budget.