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January Board Meeting Highlights

The following are some highlights of the Board of Education meeting held on January 5, 2017:

At the annual reorganization meeting, the Board of Education swore in its newest Board member Joseph McCallister and re-elected Board members Joseph Blundo and Roberta Hanlon for a three year term.  Darlene Mandeville will once again serve as the Board President and Susan Swietkowski has been elected as the Vice-President (click here to view the agenda.)

Re-Elected & New Board Members

Re-Elected BOE Members
Pictured above (left to right):  Joseph Blundo, Roberta Hanlon, Joseph McCallister


Board of Education President & Vice President
BOE Pres & VP
Pictured above (left to right):  Susan Swietkowski (VP), Darlene Mandeville (President)

2017-2018 School District Calendar
Click here to view the 2017-2018 school district calendar approved by the Board of Education